Other clever purposes of bar carts in homes

Bar carts are gaining popularity these days because of their flexibility. Yes, they are popular for serving drinks and cocktails but they are also perfect for various house uses, too.

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Take advantage of a bar cart in your home through unique purposes

Aside from carrying drinks, glasses, bottles and other cocktail ingredients, a bar cart is perfect for other household uses as well, such as:

Mini bedroom dresser

Find a bar cart that’s small enough for your bedroom. Then, use it to carry personal items, such as cosmetics, combs, hats and even your bags, among other necessities. A bar cart will be perfect for your electronic devices as well, such as mobile phones, tablets, and charger. This lets you use such items anywhere in the bedroom since the bar cart is convenient to move around.

Book carrier

Bar carts are also great as instant book nooks anywhere in your Brisbane home. It can carry your favourite novels, school textbooks, magazines and newspapers among other readable. It’s great for living rooms for visitors to grab readable easily too. Simply find a small desk lamp to complement the bar cart at night.

Collection keeper

This piece of furniture is suitable for keeping your collections, too. Unless you inform anyone, nobody would know that you hide your precious items in it. As a bonus, you just need to pull the bar cart out if you want to show your collection to a visitor. Moreover, like other homewares Brisbane offers, a bar cart comes in varying style, so choose one that matches your collection. See here at Sunday Society

Coffee corner

Yes, bar carts are popular for wine and cocktails, but nobody stops you from stationing your coffee machine on it. Then, consider placing your coffee beans and additives in its drawers. That’s fantastic to serve coffee anywhere you are in the home. It’s even suitable for outdoor use if you want to relax with a cup of caffeine on the garden.

Living room end table

A bar cart is also perfect as a living room end table in your home. As mentioned earlier, readable such as magazines are suitable for it to carry. It’s also great for other living room items, such as remote control and pen holders. Of course, it’s functional as a table as well, such as placing your notes on it as you write.

Bathroom storage

A bar cart is suitable for bathroom use because it has multiple storage compartments, which is fitting for your toiletries, soaps, and even towels. All you need to do is to push it to a corner of your bathroom, or drive it under the sink when applicable.

This multipurpose furniture is a valuable addition for any Brisbane home. That’s why it’s a great idea to find one that suits your purpose well. Be sure, however, to buy only from a reputable source of boutique homewares Brisbane has today, so you will get the best quality bar cart for your household.

On that note, you can try visiting Sunday Society! They also offer other furniture, which helps optimize the coziness of your home.

How to choose the right type of skylight that will fit your needs?

Installing a skylight in your home helps you save more energy and money. Its main function is to allow natural light into your house during the day, lessening the need to use electricity for your lighting fixtures. There are plenty of skylights Melbourne has to offer at various prices. Thus, you can always find one that will suit your needs.

However, the plentiness of skylights Melbourne market has to offer will also make it tricky for you to choose the right one for your home. That is why you should know all the skylight types to make an informed decision.

Fixed skylight

If you only want a skylight that has no ventilation function, then fixed skylight is the right one for you. It is perfect for stairwells, closed-in dark spaces, and any room. It fills an interior space with light and creates the illusion of more space.

There are plenty of fixed skylight brands you can choose from, and one of them is the Velux fixed skylight. It is designed especially for deck mounted places and for regulating the natural light that goes into your space. You can buy Velux skylights if your place has a mounted roof or ceiling for easy installation.

Also, when you buy Velux windows from a skylight store, make sure to ask if the installation fee is part of the package or not. Installing a Velux roof window can be a difficult job for people who are not trained and equipped with the right tools, so going the DIY path would not be a wise decision. It is best to leave the job to the professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in such type of work. And, if the installation not part of the package, ask them if they know an expert who can install it.

Skylight with ventilation

Rooms like your kitchen and bathrooms are areas that need a constant flow of air to maintain fresh smell and prevent moisture from building up. Aside from illuminating the area, a ventilated skylight helps maintain the airflow to these rooms and create a fresher environment. You can have ventilated flatroof skylights or an inclined one. Generally speaking, these are easy to install, and you don’t have to worry about fitting them on your roof.

Tubular skylight

The tubular skylight is very flexible when it comes to installing it on your roof. Unlike fixed and ventilated skylights, the tubular skylight can easily fit into any free space you have in your roof. So, if you don’t have enough space in your roof, then opting for a tubular skylight is your best option. A tubular skylight is also applicable in both residential and commercial buildings.

When buying a tubular skylight from the skylights Melbourne market, make sure that you have the three main components packed and ready to avoid complications, such as calling back the shop to send the missing parts. The main components that should be included in the package are the reflective tube, interior fixture, and roof-mounted light collector.

To find the best skylights in Melbourne for your home, visit skylights-online.com.au.

6 reasons why installing blinds in your home is a good idea

Installing blinds is one of the simplest and most effective ways to transform any room or space. They are cost-effective and widely available to every homeowner who wants to spice things up a bit. You can pick up durable blinds kits in most Ziptrak blinds Melbourne suppliers. Still not convinced? Here are things to convince you.

Control the amount of light

The number one benefit of having blinds is the ability to control the amount of light that enters your room. They are relatively simple to use with both the manual type as well as the remote-operated electric types. This is perfect for people who suffer from light sensitivity or those who just want to have a few extra minutes in bed.

Protection from the elements

Manufacturers nowadays sell blinds specifically made for outdoor use. They are designed to withstand harsh weather through the many features built into them. Therefore, when looking for Ziptrak blinds Melbourne has nowadays, take note that they should withstand most tough weather conditions. They should come with UV light protection and wet-weather protection. This is perfect for when you want to spend time outdoors without getting harmful UV ray exposure.

Saves Energy

Blinds also offer a kind of insulation for your home. This minimizes the loss of warm or cold air to the surrounding environment. They keep the warm air out during the sweltering summer days and keep the cold winter chill out during the cold months. This can potentially lower the energy consumption of air conditioning.

Gives your home extra “oomph”

Blinds come in all shapes and sizes. With so many designs and materials to choose from, you’ll surely find the piece that’s perfect for your space. Most blinds Melbourne suppliers have common choices such as plastic, wood, and faux wood, vinyl, and bamboo among others. If you are unsure of what would fit your needs, there are a ton of resources online that can inspire you.

Easily and seamlessly convert spaces

Installing blinds such as the vertical roll-up ones are a quick and easy way to divide your space into sections. Some homeowners also use these to seamlessly separate your indoor and outdoor spaces without much of a fuss. When looking for a trusted supplier of Ziptrak blinds Melbourne has these days, remember that they should customize and install your blinds for you.

Raise the value of your property

Blinds are a great way to add value to your home. High quality blinds not only look good, but they are also quite durable and will last a long time. If you are looking to sell in the future, investing in good high-quality blinds is a cost-effective way to attract potential buyers.


Blinds are also a great way to provide you and your family some privacy. Roller blinds, such as the Ziptrak roller blinds, are especially great with this. You can roll up the blind during the day to light the bright natural light in and then let it down during the night and have maximum privacy. This gives you the feeling of freedom and security in your own home.

Get high-quality blinds from a trusted source

For everything and anything blinds, Crystal Image Blinds is here for you. They offer a huge selection of blinds that are custom made for your needs. They also offer Ziptrak and bistro blinds Melbourne wide. Visit https://www.crystalimageblinds.com.au/ziptrak-blinds/ to learn more.

How to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

Many people worry about crimes during the night, but the truth is, it is as dangerous during the day. Burglars and thieves attack a property when everybody is at the office or school. That’s why precautions should be taken night and day and when you leave the house for a few days. Aside from investing in security alarms, installing sturdy garage doors Melbourne has to offer can also protect your property from any suspicious activities.

Here are other ways to keep your assets safe and secure:

From the outside

  • Build a fence around your house. Whether you choose wood or steel, a fence is a good deterrent from burglars as it keeps them from easily accessing your house.
  • Trim your shrubs. Tall plants and shrubs can easily obscure suspicious beings, giving them the advantage of breaking in your house without anybody noticing. The best way is to trim them from time to time and keep it short.
  • Put curtains in your garage. If you have decided to buy garage doors Melbourne has from outstanding garage door manufacturers, then that’s a wise move. Garage doors keep your cars invisible to criminals. You can actually add a layer of protection to your precious cars with curtains in your garage windows. Never let burglars see your assets, as it will only tempt them more.

From the inside

  • Install security alarms. Nothing beats having a security alarm in your house to deter thieves. You can buy alarms that will notify the police immediately once it sets off. Install it in your kitchen windows, automatic garage doors Melbourne offers, or any other opening in your house.
  • Keep second-floor curtains open when you are away. To make it seem like somebody’s home, keep the upstairs curtains open. Criminals will think twice in burgling your home when they think the owners are inside.
  • Dusk-to-dawn lighting is key. If you want to keep your house well-lit while you are away, use a sensor light bulb and place it near an opening, such as garage doors Melbourne offers. The thing about sensor bulbs is that they automatically turn on during the night and turn off during the day.
  • Lower down your telephone volume. In case the burglar knows your number, they will call your house first just to know if you are there to answer your phone or not. If the phone keeps on ringing, then they’ll assume that you’ve already left. What you can do is lower down the ring volume to keep burglars from knowing you aren’t home to answer.
  • Double-lock your garage door. Even though the garage doors Melbourne has to offer are sturdy, criminals will always find a way to pry it open. The solution? Put a double-lock in to ensure they can’t open it so easily.

Overall Security

With all these tips in mind, you can be sure that your property is safe and secure from criminals. Just make sure you contact the right people to install lighting and security alarms properly or they won’t work. If you decide to replace your garage door, then contact a reliable company in your area. Try checking out Eco Garage Doors today.