Factors in choosing the best smoke detectors for your home

Smoke detectors look simple but they are complicated devices that alert your Brisbane household when a fire takes place. Similar to other gadgets today, smoke detectors come with varying functioning features and efficiency in detecting fire dangers. This includes power source, response time, and how it alerts your household among other specifications. Thus, take your time in finding the best smoke detectors for Brisbane home and be sure to hire a trustworthy electrician Brisbane has these times, so they can effectively install them for you.

Type of smoke detectors

A few types of smoke detectors are available in the market. However, ionisation and photoelectric units are common options recommended by the Queensland legislation.

  • Ionisation smoke detectors – these smoke detectors carry radioactive elements that ionise the air in the unit, creating a flow of electric current inside. When smoke comes in the unit, it will disrupt the current which subsequently causes the alarm. Ionisation smoke detectors are great in sensing rapid flaming fires but do poorly with smouldering fires. Moreover, it may take up to 20 minutes before an ionization alarm screams.
  • Photoelectric smoke detectors – these smoke detectors have parallel beams of lights in a chamber, which smoke particles can scatter. When the light spread inside the chamber, it will hit a sensor which triggers the alarm. This type of unit is perfect for smouldering fire with large smoke particles and reacts within 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Dual smoke detectors – this is the type recommended by Queensland authorities and smoke alarm services Brisbane experts for household use. It carries both ionisation and photoelectric features, which makes it efficient in detecting both rapid flaming fire and smouldering fire.

Alarm system

Next, consider the system of smoke detectors in alerting you about the fire. Some smoke detectors work individually, so the alarm only screams on the detector that detects fire. On the other hand, synchronized smoke alarms are available as well. These alarms scream together all over your household, despite only one unit sensing smoke.

Choose between wired and wireless variations if you want a synchronized alarm system. Wired systems mean wires are connecting all smoke detectors in your home, while wireless systems connect units using infrared or wireless platforms. Either way, hire a professional electrician Brisbane has nowadays, so they can install it for you. Check it out at Dawson Electric

Power source

There are variations of smoke detector power sources too. Some units run using AA or AAA batteries, which lasts for around a year. Lithium battery-powered units are also common, which come with batteries that last up to 10 years. Moreover, a professional Brisbane electrician is ready to help you install units which draw power directly from your electric supply.

Testing and maintenance

Finally, find a unit that’s easy to test and maintain. Ideally, you should test smoke detectors once a month, and there are units that come with a testing button. Simply press the button to see if a unit gives off an alarm. And if you have physical limitations which prevent you from climbing ladders for such test, buy a remotely-operated smoke detector.

Similarly, find a smoke detector that’s easy to clean, such as units with removable covers. Clean the unit once a month to remove dirt and dust which can trigger the alarm.

Search for a reliable and efficient smoke detector for Brisbane homes

Choose the best smoke detector using vital factors for your household’s safety. Moreover, make sure to only choose the best smoke alarm installation Brisbane has to offer, so you can enjoy the benefits of an efficiently working detector.

Buying the right smoke detector for your Brisbane home equates to reliable safety for you and your family. It assures you of screaming alarm immediately after detecting smoke, which gives your family ample time to evacuate.

Don’t forget to hire a reliable electrician Brisbane has today for proper installation of smoke detectors. Call Dawson Electric in Brisbane today.